The Suva Grammar Ex Students Association (SGSEA) Executive Committee took office on 6th February at an AGM after a lapse of 4 years. The incoming President, Stanley Simpson of the 90s Decade reminded a very capable team of the great assignment ahead with a renewed focus on its vision for Suva Grammar School which is one that will require unity at all levels.

The SGSEA is excited to collaborate with all Decades, Year Groups, Sub Groups, friends and individuals on projects to improving facilities, supporting co-curricular participation, re-introducing holistic learning experiences Grammar is renowned for, providing interactive technology aided learning and ultimately realising our united vision for our beloved school to being the Premier Institution of the Country and the Region. 

Presidents Message

Bula Vinaka Ex-Grammarians,


It is my honour to have been voted in as President of the SGS Ex-Students Association at the AGM in February. The Association has been inactive for a while but we are grateful to the previous Committee for keeping the association going and leaving us with a healthy bank balance to work with. We aim to build on these funds and use it responsibly to develop events and projects in partnership with the stakeholders of the school, the Principal, Teachers, Parents, Students and Ex-Students.


I would like to update you briefly on a few matters:


1. Office Bearers and official decade reps; Here are your reps – Stanley Simpson (President), Lagilagi Drauna (Vice President), Vela Serukalou (Secretary), Terence Elaisa (Treasurer) and Mosese Yavala (Assistant Treasurer). The Decade reps are Nanise Rainima (2010-2018), Filipe Corerega (2000-2009), Mere Corerega (1990-1999), Malakai Tueli 1980-1989), Jasmine Tam (1970-1979), Ellen Whippy-Knight (1960 – 1969).


2. Financial accounts; The accounts were yet to be audited when the AGM was held in February and I am happy to report that this have now been audited. The audit had been a major cause of delay and inaction for the past few years and we are glad to now have that completed so we can move forward. Please note that details of financial accounts will only be released to paid financial members who attend official SGS Ex-Student Association Meetings or send an official query via email. They will not be released on Facebook. It will be released to members who pay their annual membership fee, and we urge you all to pay your annual membership fee of $10 per annum.


3. Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and Reunion; As you are all aware – the school will be celebrating its Diamond Jubilee next year and I am pleased to inform you that the Reunion and activities for ex-students to commemorate the event will be held in July 2020. We are setting up a sub-committee led by various professionals to run the event. We have advertised and will be appointing an Events Manager and other key positions to try to ensure an efficient and effective organization of the event. These positions will be announced soon. The Reunion Committee will update the Executive of progress and also keep members updated through the official facebook and website, and through the other Grammar-associated pages. We are also happy to announce that the Official Launch for Reunion will be held in July this year at the Albert Park. Details of this will be coming shortly, and we are all excited about the events to come.


4. Official Pages and Channels of Communication; We note that with the inaction of the official page in the past few years, other pages have come up that have strong memberships and have been putting out information on activities and initiated fundraising for projects. These include Grammar Rise Up that I had been part of and which has been working closely with the school since 2016, Project 2020, SGS Old Scholars and a range of others. Also a number of years and decades have developed their own pages. We welcome members to be part of the pages or the Forums they are happy with – but want to advise that official information will come through the Grammar Pride facebook page and website and the SGS Ex-Students Association facebook page. These pages will release official information about the association and its activities and projects including the 2020 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and Reunion. We will not be responsible for any information or activity or fundraising put out or done on any of the other pages. We urge you to use the official platforms and pages to get your information and updates.


5. Projects and Fundraising; It is the intention of the executives that the association works with the school to deliver projects and not be seen as one that only organizes a Reunion every 5 years. Grammar Rise Up as an arm of the association has been working with the school to work on projects and support for sporting teams, career expos and prefects leadership training. The reactivated association will now coordinate and take the lead with much of these and also develop bigger and more solid projects. We have met with the Principal and gone through a number of plans that are being properly assessed, and being further developed before they are officially launched and undertaken. Other groups are free to initiate and come up with their own projects that they will want to pursue – but we urge you all to do this with the endorsement and in coordination with the association. The school has indicated that their official channel with the old scholars is through the association.


6. Decade Reps and Country affiliations; We prefer for groups to work through their relevant years or decades (Greycoats, 2001, Pride Rock, 90s decade, 80s decade, 1995, 1997 etc) , or through associations set up in various areas or countries i.e West Grammarians or UK Grammarians, as we have seen that this works much more effectively. Our structure for the Diamond Jubilee will largely run this way with events, activities and fundraising organized mainly through the Decades. Please contact the executives or your decade reps if you have any concerns or issues or clarifications. Or if you want to share proposals and ideas. We are excited to hear them.


This is an exciting time for Grammarians past and present. 60 years is a milestone for any institution and our diamond jubilee is something we should really celebrate. It is also a signal to us to come together and do some great things for this great school to mark the occasion.


The new executive committee and I look forward to connecting with you as we journey into the Diamond Jubilee celebrations!


Seek and Ye Shall Find


Stanley Simpson


Grammarian Pride

SGS Ex-Students Association



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