90's Rep

Mere Corerega Vuki

SGS Class of 93-99

ST Consultant-Project Officer

Oceania Society for Sexual Health & HIV Medicine (OSSHHM)

Greetings Fellow Grammarians!


My name is Mere Corerega-Vuki (Meme for short :) ) and it is an honour to serve the 90s family under the leadership of this proactive, vibrant and dedicated new team of Executives and Decade reps. 

Foremost I’d like to thank the past 90s decade representatives Ana Delailomaloma & Selina Kuruleca for setting the platform; the hardworking 2010&2015 reunion committee members and a special acknowledgement of the late Mrs. Emily Nadike who was very instrumental in the original design of the 90s logo and the ‘Clawed It’ tee shirt; and finally the year reps (90-99) for their continuous support throughout the years. I’m also grateful to the current Executives Jim Tora, Koni Ravono and Ruci Tabua for their role in managing our bank account which has an impressive balance and we will work towards replenishing from our planned projects.

For those who have been following the official X-SGS 90s Decade Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/xsgs90s/, some of the projects undertaken by the 90s group included : 


•     Adopt a school block painting- successfully completed with year groups adopting a block. Other focal groups continued with that initiative, e.g. the West Grammarians painted the Tuckshop;

•     Clean up at school-  successful campaign which was cost-effective and involved a lot of teamwork with members lending their tools.   

•     Photovoice Project- unsuccessful as the basket that had the pledge cards were misplaced during reunion week which hindered follow-ups. However, the Committee is looking into acquiring the framed photos as it would be a good benchmark on the condition of the facilities then, and if there have been improvements.

•     Donations of Equipment 10 desks and chairs were donated to the Principal

•     Financial Assistance- A fundraising dance ‘ 90s decade Night: Disco Night at the High Seas on the 17th July, 2015 was held to assist the main association with their walkway project.


One of the main role is to assist with the coordination of the 90s workplan to be in line with the main association’s vision and objectives.  This will include the:

Membership Drive – We encouraging all 90s to register on the available platform link to assist the main association with the updating of its database:



The following are some of our active year groups and they can be contacted on Facebook OR if you’re still unsure which year you belong to, please email the secretariat on xsgs90sdecade@gmail.com :

90-91- Lagilagi Drauna and Jim Tora

92- Jiutiti Yalidole and Laydee Sarah

95- Shirley Tuisese

96- Mereseini Delai and Michael Sami

97- Viz Veisa and Lance Taukave

98- Manuha'apai Jioji Qaqaturaga and Vilis Raikoti

99- Juliet Tuqa and Wise Levula

West 90s Grammarians- Dorothy Blakelock


90s Fundraising Initiatives

As part of our efforts to start mobilizing members, a group of 90s Grammarian ladies are organizing a `pamper & celebrate us' breakfast/brunch at Tanoa Hotel on Saturday, 30th March. The ‘Grammarian Women’s Day Funwalk & Breakfast’ will include an on the couch chat with guest speakers on various issues and its meant to be a fun morning, informal gathering of Grammarians and friends and with the theme of #betterforbalance. More details will be available on the Facebook page.


Apart from this, we will be happy to hear from you if you have any ideas, proposals or suggestions on projects and fundraising initiatives. We will also be happy to promote any planned events from our year reps on our page, so please come on board!




Mere Corerega

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