70's Report

70's Report

Laisa Baravilala-Baoa 

South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission

70s Decade Rep

Bula to our 70s decade,

Our decade was and continues to be the most important 10 years of history in Fiji that made an impact on all Grammarians both past and present. We were the era that experienced :

- the aftermath of Woodstock (1969)

- the first man on the moon (listening to the radio broadcast at school)

- the change from linear to metric, from pounds, shillings and pence to dollar and cents

- the Independence of Fiji (we in our colorful uniforms lining the street with our new Fiji flags and the first Grammarians to sing our national anthem)

- our first democratic elections and our first local Governor General

- the first RFMF platoon to Lebanon

- triumphant win over the Barbarians, winning the second Hong Kong Sevens tournament and beating the British Lions at the former Buckhurst Park

- from the different genres of rock to the advent of Disco, Reggae and the emergence of Hip Hop

- first local Principal at SGS

- and finally we the Pride of SGS with our top swimmers, athletes, netballers, rugby, hockey and badminton players, stage plays, National Quiz intellects, debate and chess masters.

So as you can see and hopefully recall we have been very much the first of everything.

With this in mind I seek your support of the SGSExSA as it pursues its objectives for our school. As a 70s decade alumni join me as we contribute towards the Association's objectives.  We can set our goals and map our path. Let's be the first to put our hands up and lead beside our fellow decades to Give back to Grammar.


Thank you


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