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Ellen Whippy-Knight

Managing Director – Fiji fashion Week 2008 - current

Hi there! I am your 60’s rep for now as I am really a 70’s grad!  So 60’s gang - let’s get together and create great program to recognise 60 fabulous years of Suva Grammar School and all its glory...


The Grammar School history began as a boys-only school in 1945 as WW2 came to an end with Fiji firmly under British rule.  Most Fijians lived in the rural regions in grass thatched Bures and the main activity was subsistence farming and fishing.


 Yet by 1960 Suva Grammar School  was established as a co-ed and had moved to new premises in Veiuto which used to be virgin land.  Just to put this into perspective of how long ago this was, the population of Fiji was merely 250,000 compared to 950,000 today!!!


The 1960’s through to the 1970’s were certainly the “hey day” for the school until Fiji became independent and all teaching positions were forcibly localised.   With that went the international teaching skills and experiences of life in the more developed world which had an effect on the level and standards of education - following the departure of all the great international teaching staff...


In this decade, the majority of students were foreign, children of expats working in Fiji and the cultural exchange between expats and local students is immeasurable to this day.  The school’s program both tertiary and extra curricular could only be compared to the best of international schools and could not be rivaled by local schools in the Asia Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand.


Along with a stringent and diverse education program we also enjoyed Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Swimming Competitions, Athletics, Badminton, Hockey and Rugby, Netball, Speech and Debating and Essay Writing Competitions, Fairs and Carnivals, Music and Drama Clubs, Ball Room Dancing and the famous European operas for all in Fiji to see.


It was an exciting and successful time.  The impact on its students who were fortunate to receive this level of education and international exposure without ever leaving the country is obvious from the many successes we went on to have.  It is a time in history that will never be again.  I loved this period of peace and prosperity...  I believe our School was at its best ever!  Cheers to the 60’s decade!!!


Ellen Whippy-Knight

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