2000-2009 Rep

Filipe Corerega

Environment Officer Fiji Roads Authority Class of 95-2001

Bula Vinaka all,


It is indeed a great honour and privilege to represent the 2000 decade alongside our newly elected SGS Ex-Scholars Committee.

Our decade has been marked with challenges, determination and most of all victories. Victory in the sense that for the first time in 2001, Suva Grammar School reminded everyone that dreams can become reality. Our share of success came through many forms, from athletics, rugby and even academic. And yes, we also experienced a lot of challenges as well. If you’re not sure what our decade have achieved over the years, look up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suva_Grammar_School. Those successes were not achieved without dedication nor those challenges without commitment.


Our dedicated and committed individual 2000 decade groups such as the Greycoats (Original, Pride Rock and Scars) have held the fort over the years through their dedicated operations team. They have handled operations for the school and Grammar Rise Up during the annual Coca Cola Games and Deans Competition. The 95-2001 Ex-scholars Association and 2001 Ruggers have also supported through Grammar Rise Up.


Vinaka Vakalevu to all of you who made our Millennium Church Service last year a memorable and fun packed one and we’re looking forward to your continuous support. Most importantly, let us share the challenges and victories together. I strongly encourage each of you to be part of this exciting and fun filled opportunity to give back to our school. If you’re not sure which group to join, contact us and we will arrange it for you.


Here are some highlights of what the 2000 decade have been doing for the past years;

  • Greycoats, Pride Rock and 2001 have supported the Athletics squad during training and with financial assistance  and through their $1,000 pledge every year ($1000 from Greycoats and Pride Rock and $1000 from 2001).

  • Sports Gear sponsorship (Athletics, Rugby, other sports) as can be seen on Grammar Rise Up facebook page.

  • Student Sponsorship (a few groups are sponsoring high caliber sports students)

  • Rugby Teams Development (Currently Under 18 and Under 16 are looked after by our decade groups).

  • Operations Team (provided by Greycoats team during the Coke Games).

  • And more…


We are proud to have in our decade some of the most loyal, committed and active groups that are supporting the school. Our members are on the ground at school almost everyday and we respond quickly and strongly to requests and directives from the leadership at Grammar Rise Up and the main association to support the school.

We are proud of this tradition and will take this with us to our 60th anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebrations!



Filipe Corerega

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